• I will support eliminating single-unit zone districts as a means to increase housing options and employment options in Denver
  • I will support more services aimed at preventing people from entering chronically unsheltered situations and work towards ending homelessness in Denver.
  • I will support improving access to walking, rolling, using transit and biking through efficient land use.
  • I will support quality, safe and attractive building standards by strengthening the permitting and inspection processes.
  • I will work with jurisdictions across the region to improve housing options so people will have the choice of living near where they work.

A growing Colorado population means increased housing and living costs.

I believe Blueprint Denver and the Denver Zoning Code should be amended to eliminate single-unit zone districts. Eliminating single-unit zone districts will give property owners the option to build multi-unit structures. Approximately 75%-80% of Denver is zoned for single-unit buildings, but Denver needs housing diversity. New developments devoted to single-unit buildings result in increased housing costs in areas where local residents are most vulnerable to displacement. Eliminating single-unit zone districts creates more housing options for buyers and renters, which should bring down (or at least slow the increase of) the cost of housing.

As Denver’s population is expected to grow by the thousands, Denver must built more affordable housing units to prevent further displacement. A March 2, 2022 article in the Denver Post cited a study that shows nearly 200,000 dwelling units were built in Metro Denver between 2010 and 2020. Furthermore, a later Denverite article quoted Denver Housing Authority’s executive director stating that currently the city is short 50,000 affordable dwelling units to meet the current demand.

Current shortages with inspectors, construction workers, and truckers made it very unlikely the city will be able to build many affordable units in the next few years; with very limited options for moving, further assistance must be provided to Denverites struggling with housing insecurity and homelessness.

I believe more services should be available to prevent more people from entering a chronically unsheltered situation. We need to help those who are able to leave do so faster and with a warm place to land. Sweeps are not effective. If the city makes people move locations, the city should provide safe, clean, supportive places for people to go. See Martin v. Boise 140 S. Ct. 674 (2019).

Despite the need for so much housing, design is still important. Quality and quantity can exist together. Thoughtful, respectful, safe housing is the goal.

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